epiphany: trapped in darkness, found by the light


5 years ago 33 guys had a mountain fall on them as they were working in a mine in Chile. Darkness. it literally could not be any darker. they couldn’t see their hand in front of their face. they could just hear screams and rumbling. after a while they managed to get some lights on and they realized they all were ok. but they were completely trapped. there was no way they could get out by their own actions. Can you imagine being in such a situation? maybe you have. 17 days went by as food ran out and probably began to believe they would die there. Suddenly a drill bit pierces the room they are in! Salvation!

That’s epiphany! That’s the meaning of “the Word made Flesh and He dwelt among us!” Christ pierced through the dark disaster that we have made of our lives and this world. a drill bit busted through the rocky wall. A child is born! more than that Jesus broke through to you personally in baptism – and snatched you out of certain doom. Let there be light.

There are worse things than being stuck 2 miles underground in total darkness. When one of the miners stuck his head above the ground to the applause of friends and family he was met by his wife…and his mistress. nice. the wife walked away alone. a whole other kind of darkness met her that night.

its 2016 and many are still afraid of wars and rumors of wars. Many scramble around deep underneath hopelessness, guilt, shame, death. we try to save ourselves with government, medicine, philosophy, good deeds, nothing. many are still stuck in a cave of their own making. Some even walk around pretending they know what they are doing as they crash into walls, reality, in the dark.

Jesus Christ is the light of the world. The darkness can not overcome.

His light shines and covers our lust, greed, hate, and murder. His light even burst through the dark dungeon of the grave! There is nowhere His light can not shine. there is no one His light does not shine upon.


Magi were awoken by a star that entered their dark minds and hearts. It led them to Jesus because it was sent by Jesus. They were not jews. they were strangers. like all of us, estranged from God and one another. yet Jesus came to them!

those Magi likely dwelled in lands full of people we might call our enemies today. so what? the Star is still for them because Jesus is for them! Our Isis neighbors, our muslim brothers in adam, our fellow sinners lost in caves of our own creation. Jesus continues to come in the flesh, in light, in drills through miles deep walls of sin shame and death.

For we are the star. the church. through us amazingly and more miraculously than a floating celestial object God shines His light of forgiveness and peace into the lives of our coworkers, classmates, family members, and strangers from afar.

Jesus Christ is the Light of the world. The darkness has not overcome.

Before the miners returned to the surface they were fed through a tube for some time. At first it was awesome that they had been rescued and were able to enjoy regular meals as well as other things sent through the tube. Yet shockingly, in an interviewer some years later one of the miners revealed that he had grown to hate the tube. he despised it because he had to totally trust in whoever was sending food down it! it couldn’t do anything, completely helpless, he was completely at a doctor’s mercy sending food and other things down the vessel!

So it is with us. Even after rescue we are completely dependent upon Christ. our old adam doesn’t like it. we want to rescue ourselves. we want to do our share. we want to be in charge. we want to have control – even though we have time and time proved our completely inability to be in control. and of course we don’t like to be dependent! ugh! how many elderly or chronically ill people consider suicide because they don’t want to be a burden!

Ah but you can trust the one at the other. The source of the light. The man giving mercy. It is the one who died and rose for you! just receive the gifts. bask in the light. He won’t stop saving or feeding. He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion on the day of His coming!

Jesus Christ is the light of the world. The darkness has not overcome.

May His light continue to shine on you, breaking through, breaking you down and bringing you up.

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