The rumors of Christianity’s death have been greatly exaggerated


Christ is Risen!

time and time again loud voices brag about the death of Christianity. We hear it today as some gleefully point out the decline in church service attendance (though not here). Others raise red flags of panic shouting for something to be done! books written on how to fix the Church. speakers traveling from the church to church advising ‘change or die.’ everyone is in an uproar whether they are sad or happy that Christianity is declining in America.

It isn’t! Christianity can not die. Neither can the Church. Its existence, life and future are not tied to men or women, particular institutions like the lutheran church missouri synod, or even a popular pope. The Church can not die because Jesus can not die! He is risen!

Jesus is our hope. And as long as He is still doing His thing the Church will keep marching on; setting people free from sin and death, breathing life into dead souls, bringing light into dark prisons.
He never promised that the Church would not be assaulted by the world and even satan. he never promised that following Him would bring material wealth, popularity and good health – though that is all coming on His glorious day.

The news of Christ’s and Christianity’s death has been greatly exaggerated! Did you know that people have been proclaiming the end of Christianity for the last 2000 years? And here we are. And here He is! As we all just experienced yet again this past sunday, ‘take and eat’ ‘i forgive you of all your sins’ ‘the Lord bless you and keep you!’

Jesus is still doing His thing at my local parish just as powerfully as He did that first Easter morning. Isn’t He? And He is doing it throughout the world. While America has become obsessed with her iPhones, those who can’t temporarily escape their suffering are enjoying His healing and spirit more than ever throughout the globe!


So do not be afraid! The power of the Gospel that gives you hope and peace is brighter than ever. And through you He is growing His Church, His body, His family as you share the only truth that has stood the test of time; Christ has died, Christ is Risen, Christ will come again!

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