We are all Bruce Jenner

The Jagged Word

By Joel Hess


Time and time again Bruce Jenner has been talking about being uncomfortable in his own skin. He felt like he was living a lie. He even believed himself to be trapped inside his body; a body that even achieved remarkable success in the Olympics! Jenner believes he is a woman but mistakenly born with a man’s body.

Sadly, many Christians foolishly dismiss Jenner’s feelings. Too quickly they just write him off as just another person trying to find an excuse to be perverted. Oddly enough, he says he is still attracted to women. So then, is that ok?

The proper Christian response is to believe and accept Jenner’s feelings, or anyone who speaks like him. It definitely sounds like he has struggled with this his whole life, a struggle he didn’t want. In other words, he isn’t lying or acting on a selfish sinful whim, per se.

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