I Am A Religious Fanatic!

The Jagged Word

By Joel Hess


Are you a fanatic?!

Of course not! Right? You aren’t obsessed. You live by the mantras, “Everything in moderation; don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Fanaticism and extremism are bad words in your calm and cool vocabulary.  Fanatics belong on the news or an A&E show.

Frequently the news media calls Muslims, who are involved in terrorism, fanatics or extremists.  A fanatic is someone who takes very seriously the claims of their belief and acts them out to the extreme. When discussing the problems of the Middle East, every talking head quickly points out that Islam (or Judaism) is not the problem; fanaticism and extremism are the problem.

Is that really true? Are you afraid of fanatics and extremists no matter what they believe?

Are you a fanatical Christian?

We have been catechized to thoughtlessly respond, “No! Of course not!”


Ahh, but look at…

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