Persecuted Whiners

The Jagged Word

By Joel Hess


Stop whining about persecution

Christians in America have it relatively easy compared to most other environments; therefore we draw our stories of faith under fire from other parts of the globe.  This call for awareness of persecution usually takes the form of not only a call to prayer but outrage and protests to our own government demanding that they do something about it!   The most recent campaign focuses on the Iraqi Christians being marked with the Arabic letter ‘n’ designating families as being followers of the Nazarene, which is supposed to be a Muslim insult to those who hold Jesus as being more than a Nazarene.

The Arabic letter replaces pastors’ facebook profile pics like that funny whistled tune in the hunger games. Calls are made to politicians, letters are written to officials; all are crying, “Protect the Christians, stop the persecution, how can you let…

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