God’s Not Dead – But We Can’t Find Jesus!

The Jagged Word

By Joel Hess


Well I did it.  I paid good money to sit with strangers, eat overpriced junk food and watch an after school special film on a screen not much bigger than some self-indulgent American’s home theater.   I saw the movie ‘God is not dead.’  Ooops, I’m sorry. ‘God’s not dead.’

Just like Noah, the movie’s subject matter is definitely worthy fodder for a fantastic film.  The notes at the end of the film document the sundry cases of Christians being bullied by many almost fascist closed minded mid-level intellectuals populating our far too many colleges and universities.  If you were a fan of the inquisition (see Monty Python) then you will love its latest evolution taking place on a campus near you.

spanishinquisition (1)

As expected the characters were not given much depth, perhaps because there were so many subplots. The bad guys were too drastic and unbelievable; though…

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