Americans Don’t Love Science. They Just Like the “Idea” of Science

The Jagged Word

By Joel Hess


No I have not seen ‘Noah’.  I really could care less.  I did enjoy some of Aronofsky’s past work however. Still, this could have been brilliant but seemed silly. I despise paying money for crappy movies and then receiving a strange stare from a pimpled face teenager when I ask for my money back.  I am not interested in supporting starving artists if they rot – and Hollywood is not starving.  Let them starve!  Still, I don’t know what’s worse -a poor Hollywood movie that ruins scripture or a cheesy Christian movie that ruins art.

Ok, instead of seeing a Hollywood assembly line piece of spam….

This past week I enjoyed a visit to one of my favorite cities, Chicago.  Besides digging great record shops, a good cup of coffee and diners, we visited the Adler planetarium.  I love astronomy, dark matter, and the cold mysterious…

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